What is the point of all this? The purpose of Mental Notes for the Church is to be a community where we can discuss the issues surrounding mental health and practical ways in which we can discuss, address, and work through these issues in the Church. Mental illness is a real thing and it cannot be ignored any longer. I invite you to join the discussion as we learn together in this journey.

This is not a place to be critical of the Church. It is not a place to bash failures. This is a place to find resources to help the Bride of Christ continue to love and serve those who live with mental illness and find better ways to engage this very real issue.



Thomas Montgomery resides in Joplin, Missouri where he works full-time in community based mental health as a case worker. He holds a Bachelor of Arts in Psychology and Counseling from Ozark Christian College. He also previously served in pastoral ministry at two separate churches in southwest Missouri. He enjoys watching football (go Broncos!), hiking, cooking, reading, and talking to people about the person of Jesus Christ. In his spare time he enjoys growing his beard. (Be jealous.)  Thomas, who was an EMT for some time, wants to counsel firefighters and paramedics in the future and offer the hope that is only found in Jesus Christ.